Election Law

•    Setting up your campaign committee.

•    Advising and training of volunteers and staff in petitioning.

•    Advising and training your treasurer and staff as to your campaign finance filings.

•    Binding your petition and preparing your petition coversheets.

•    Representing you before the Board of Elections on the canvass and re-canvass of election day votes, on the canvass and recanvass of absentee, affidavit and military voter ballots, and in the audits and recounts.

•    Representing you in Court on validating and invalidating petitions.

New York Election Law is one of the most arcane and technical areas of law there is. Our attorneys will provide you with the legal advice you need to get on and stay on the ballot, and to make an informed decision as to whether to petition the Court to remove your opponent.

You should have an attorney retained near the beginning of your campaign, it is almost always easier, and therefore, less expensive, to avoid a problem before it happens than to fix it after it happens.