The Board of Managers of the Hudson View West Condominium v. Edith Starobinskaya and Markus Starobinsky, (unpublished opinion [Sup Ct., NY Cty, 2011])

In this case, we represented the Defendants-the unit owner of a condominium unit and her husband. The Plaintiff was the board of managers of the condominium.

The condominium board sued the Defendants claiming they were a nuisance and were dangerous to the other condominium unit owners and staff. The Defendants counterclaimed that they were the subject of harassment and were being singled out by the condominium board for political reasons.

This motion was brought very close after the law suit was initiated, and sought a preliminary injunction to enjoin the Defendants from doing any of the nuisance or dangerous things they complained of. The court denied the motion based, in part, that there was no evidence to support the Plaintiff's claims.

You can read the decision here.

Topics: Civil Litigation, Coop and Condo Law.